Emerson and Renwick set to grow


Accrington based precision engineering company Emerson and Renwick have announced ambitious growth plans after landing new orders worth over £40m. The company was founded in 1918 supplying finishing equipment to the textiles industry and later diversified into wallpaper printing machinery.

Today, they are at the forefront of the innovation to print sophisticated electronic devices, such as thin-film transistors, directly onto rolls of material; precision printing at the nano-scale.

The company approached Growth Lancashire to support he delivery of a new dedicated research and development space where they could build, test, develop and showcase the cutting edge technologies that they were creating.

The new “Technology Centre” would also be a place where customers could come and see the new technologies operating in a production environment, and allow Emerson and Renwick to undertake further research and development on the manufacturing process.

In November 2014 the Emerson and Renwick secured £100,000 Regional Growth Fund grant assistance from Growth Lancashire towards the building of the new £500,000 Technology Centre.

Emerson and Renwick’s Technology Centre was completed mid-2015 and now provides the space for the company to develop and showcase its new technologies and has enabled the development of the Genesis coating machine which can coat and print sophisticated electronic devices directly on to a roll.

The investment is helping to secure the Company’s future growth, enhance its reputation for research and development and as a result a number of highly skilled new jobs have been created within the business.

Emerson and Renwick are clear that the RGF grant secured by Growth Lancashire was a key component in winning this business and state that “Growth Lancashire’s investment in the infrastructure was a major contributor to the success with this order.”

The order will also benefit Emerson and Renwick’s supply chain throughout the area, and the company continues to recruit skilled engineers and apprentices.