LBG Grant Documentation

Regional Growth Fund sml2



To claim a grant payment;

The Summary of Expenditure is completed showing the investment made at that point.

Lancs Business Growth Fund – Claim Form

Jobs Created/Safeguarded forms – When any new jobs have been created as part of this project, the form below is completed with the relevant staff member information. When any jobs have been safeguarded, i.e. the project has saved the position from becoming redundant, the safeguarded form can also be completed.

Direct Jobs Created form

Direct jobs safeguarded form

LBG Jobs NVQ Guide

Invoice guidance and sample  – Guidance notes on how to invoice LBG for the grant payment along with a sample invoice showing whom to address the invoice to. Also below is a payments form for completing with your company Bank details before invoices can be processed.

LBG Invoice guidance notes

LBG Example invoice

LBG Payment Details Form